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It all began in my hometown in Brazil....
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I was born in Porto Alegre (Happy Port), Brazil. It is in the southern part of Brazil that has a rich tradition of celebrating and enjoying food. Our family history is mostly Portuguese. My earliest memories revolve around amazing brunches and family getting together to enjoy amazing food. 

Now living in Los Angeles, where you can literally enjoy every cuisine of the world, I bring that philosophy and appreciation of great food with the philosophy of fusion of cultures to create amazing dishes with the goal of simply making you and your guest enjoy a great meal!


Whether it be a wedding, a company party or a family gathering I want to bring the tastes from around the world to give you an experience that I was fortunate enough to grow up with.

I consider it my privilege to be able to be part of your special occasion and make sure that everything is perfect and that everyone walks out with a smile!

Chef Lisiane Botelho

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